🌊Juiced Pools

Juiced Pools are, yep - you guessed it, Ajna pools that have been 'juiced' with token incentives on top of the native pool yield.

On the Juiced Pools UI, depositors can browse and find incentivized lending pools to deposit into. Their liquidity will be used to allow other users to deposit collateral, in that pair, and borrow their tokens.

Depositors receive two types of rewards: interest paid by borrowers and incentives (aka Juice) deposited by protocols or projects.

Let's look at these two rewards, but this time with bigger subheadings on top of them. Why not?


Borrowers deposit collateral and can borrow tokens for a certain interest rate that they pay. Part of that interest stays in the underlying protocol for several purposes. The rest goes to the depositor as yield.


Protocols or projects want their token to have lending liquidity available for others to borrow. To achieve this, they deposit incentives that go to the depositors of a particular pool as rewards. Every user can claim those rewards as tokens and do with them as they please.

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